New virtual exhibit offers revealing artist interviews and painting magnifier!

A virtual exhibit of A Brush With Light – Volcanic Island Reflections is now available on the Volcano Art Center website!  Dip into seven short videos by Hawaiʻi Island photographer Jesse Tunison that feature detailed descriptions of my painting tools and process and the backstory on individual works.

You can also intimately engage with nine select paintings through a virtual magnifier, facilitated by Jesse! Have a close look at every brush and palette knife stroke, and see the rivers of color meld together. A whole new world opens up!

Click here to visit the virtual exhibit and enjoy a new level of intimacy with me and the paintings.

The South Sulfur Bank Revealed at its original scale (left) and at +100% magnification (right).

Deepening – a Song for Pele at its original scale (left) and +100% magnification (right).

Envisioning new paintings while watching Kilauea’s vigorous gas plume during the current eruption that started on December 20, 2020.

“Artistic expression is a spirit not a method, a pursuit, not a settled goal, an instinct, not a body of rules . . . art must take to the road and risk all.” – Quoted in The Group of Seven, Art for a Nation

Photos by Tom Peek and Emily Weiss, VAC Gallery manager.